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Kekaha Beach

Stretching for miles along Kauai’s western coast, the Kekaha beaches combine swimming, surfing, and walking with the predominantly dry weather of the island’s leeward side.

Kekaha Beach

As Rt. 50 curves toward the sea at the small town of Kekaha, the beach is narrow, but a mile or two north, it widens and becomes more golden, with long, rolling waves breaking evenly in brilliant white crests.
At times, the waves can break perfectly for surfing and body boarding, although, as everywhere on Kauai, surf and currents can be dangerous and unpredictable, and you may find high surf and rip currents.

Kekaha Beach

Watch where local people are swimming and follow their lead — especially if they are not going into the water! Even if swimming is not advisable, the sand is firm and flat, one of the finest beaches on Kauai — or anywhere — for walking, running, or playing frisbee or football.

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