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Campaign for Kids

In just under eight years, the Kauai Underground Guide 'Campaign for Kids' has raised close to $100,000 to help outstanding non-profit agencies assisting Kauai's children. Funds are raised from our book sales, as well as donations from our 'community partners.'
Please join us! Spreak the word about our campaign, and if you'd like, you can make a tax-deductible donation directly to any of these fine organizations.

The YWCA Family Violence Shelter used the money to buy books, toys,clothes, writing materials and art supplies, paper and paint, puzzles and learning games which help children understand their feelings about violence in their home life. “This help can change a child’s life!” says former Director Nancy Peterson (808-245-8404). “We have almost no money in our regular budget for the special needs of individual children. That’s why Lenore’s donation is so important.”

Friends of the Children’s Justice helps children who are victims of abuse and neglect. Many of these children's most important needs are not covered in the Center“s budget. “Sometimes it’s money for summer camp to get a child out of an abusive situation; sometimes it’s books, or school supplies, or even a watch to be sure the child gets to school on time. Such small things, though they seem trivial, can have a huge impact on a child’s life. We really need this funding!” says Sara Siverman, former Director (808-241-3590).

Child and Family Service, Kauai Division, Hawaii's oldest and largest private non-profit, helps families with health services, includng counseling and residential programs. Services for children include child abuse prevention, adoptions and day care. (808) 245-5914

Hale `Opio helps children referred by the Family Court, many with special needs for which there is no budget category. “Too often we don’t have money for books, or camp tuitions, or art supplies, even for paper! That’s why Lenore has such an important idea,” says former Executive Director Mary Lou Barela (808-245-2873). “It gives us dollars we really need in places we really need them — like after school tutoring, and our special learning programs in art, Hawaiian culture, and photography.”This year's camapign funds sponsored equipment and a teacher for a photography project for kids to capture their visions of who they are and what they want to become.

Ambassadors of Aloha Scholarship program for children gifted in the arts. Donated funds help talented children receive the lessons and supplies they need, and to provide a chance to travel off the island for special opportunities to learn. “Talented children living on the island need extra help to find the best opportunities for developing their special gifts. These funds give our children a chance to venture to the mainland beyond their daily horizons,” according to former Mayor Maryanne Kusaka (808-241-6300).

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