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Hiking can be a spectacular way to see Kauai, for more than half of the island's 551,000 square miles is forestland, and many of its most beautiful regions are inaccessible by car. For a great local guide (40 years of island knowledge and a wonderful photographer) contact Jeffrey Courson at jcourson@mac.com Hiking
Windsurfing is ideal at sheltered Anini Beach. An offshore reef creates a peaceful lagoon in most winds, and on most days, you can see brightly colored sails and students from two windsurf companies.


Zipline &Tubing

SUP Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Kauai Farmers Market
Farmers’ Markets happen almost each day of the week—some are “official,” some informal— and all are a great place to catch the flavor of the island, talk to local people, and enjoy a kaleidoscope of tastes and colors.
Weddings on Kauai
Weddings on Kauai — what can be more romantic?

Need advice on finding the best Kauai activities?
Mirah Horowitz

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