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The Bull Shed

Since 1973, The Bull Shed has been famous on Kauai for high quality meals at unbeatable prices. Bull Shed’s prime rib is truly special — a thick slice of tender beef, perfectly cooked with a tasty bone (if you ask for it), delicious au jus and fresh horseradish sauce — at $19.95 the best deal for the best portion on Kauai!

Fresh island fish is another winner, a huge portion filleted by manager Tom Liu himself, then perfectly grilled. At Bull Shed, ‘surf and turf’ sets the island standard!

A glance at the menu will tell you why the Bull Shed is so popular. Prices are amazingly reasonable, entrees come with rice and the salad bar, and half cost less than $15. Combination dinners are served with a 7.5 oz. tenderloin filet instead of the usual small sirloin. Lobster tail is enormous, a full 12 oz., and perfectly cooked. The wine list is also reasonable, with more than half the primarily California selections less than $20.

The Bull Shed has become a favorite with each member of our family, in itself a small miracle. Our 6:45 pm arrival time is early enough to beat the crowds, and all four of our children eat everything that is served to them — a rare achievement.

Teriyaki chicken breast ($12.95 or $6.95 child’s portion) is always perfectly soft and juicy. Teriyaki sirloin ($15.95) is first rate, and fresh island ahi, a huge portion for only $16.95, is among the best on the island. Try New Zealand rack of lamb ($20.95), a large portion, both tender and tasty, with a delicious teriyaki marinade Dinner includes a health portion of rice, bread, and an all-you-can-eat salad ($6.95 by itself).

The Bull Shed offers one of the best food values on Kauai, in a pleasant dining room with friendly, efficient service. It’s popular, so try to arrive before 7 pm, to avoid the traffic jam. Or invite some friends because 6 or more earn a reservation!

Bull Shed has not only great food and prices, but an ocean view! In fact, the restaurant is built as close to the ocean as modern technology can allow, and our favorite table, in a tiny room by itself just a few feet from the edge of a seawall, offers a spectacular view of the waves rolling towards the wall and crashing in torrents of spray.

During a storm, the waves splash right against the glass, an awesome sight! Come on a night when the moon is full, and watch the waves send gleaming ripples through the darkness. If it’s warm, request a table by a window that opens (not all do).

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