Kauai Underground Guide

“A little gem of a book that each and every traveler should have in hand.”
   — Vancouver Courier

Kauai Papaloa Press
Sample the Kauai Underground Guide

Kauai Lydgate children's park Lydgate Park on Kauai is a family favorite. A rock-rimmed pool provides safe swimming for babies and toddlers, even in winter months. Adjacent is an enormous rock-rimmed pool which breaks the surf into rolling swells excellent for swimming, rafting, and floats of all kinds.

The pool is one of the best year round snorkeling spots on Kauai, for families of brightly colored fish feed along the rocky perimeter, so tame they almost swim into your hands. The rocky wall protects snorkelers and swimmers from surf and dangerous currents.

You can also fly a kite, play frisbee on the wide, sandy beach, collect shells and driftwood. There are showers for rinsing off sand and salt before going home, and a lifeguard. Kamalani Playground is the best spot on Kauai for kids --6,000 square feet of funland, with mirror mazes, a suspension bridge, lava tubes and circular slide.

The beach south of the lava rock pools is ideal for long walks, very beautiful and almost deserted. You can walk for miles on soft, fine sand perfect for walking, and you will have spectacular views of Kauai's coastline, particularly when sunrise or sunset paints the sky with gold and orange, and deepens the blues of the ocean, bright with shining foam. The patterns of foam crossing the sand are the most lovely we have ever seen. You¹ll probably find only one or two people, probably fishermen checking their lines. Swim with caution, however, for the surf is rough and currents powerful; Lydgate¹s pools are much safer.